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Google map to the field.

Google Maps to the flying field. Use the power of Google to find directions to the field. The field is actually 200 Yards south of where Google directs you, but if you have any RC ambition, Just follow your nose to the smell of GLOW FUEL.



Here is like to google maps for our meeting site.

Do you have an aircraft that is built such that the glow plug is hard to get to? Have you ever been cut by the spinning prop because you reached in to grab your glow driver? Is your engine mount inverted, causing concern at low idle? Do you deadstick when you come in to land because your carburetor is choked with fuel? I've solved all these problems: I am using, and highly suggest the RAM50 by RAM RC. http://www.ramrcandramtrack.com/

Go to the website or your local HobbyPeople! Get this for your plane! About $50.

Terms and Conditions
I hereby agree to comply with all the AMA SAFETY CODES, CIRCLE CITY FLYERS Field Safety and Flying rules for all model aircraft operations at all Circle City Flyers Flying Sites. I further agree to abide by and comply with the Circle City Flyers Bylaws and Standing Rules, and to any changes or modifications that may be made to them during my membership period. I understand and agree that as a condition of membership my failure to comply with all the applicable SAFETY & FLYING RULES and/or failure to conduct myself in a proper manner will result in the revoking of my membership. I understand and agree to provide the AMA and a Circle City Flyers Officer written notice within thirty (30) days of an occurrence of any incident of bodily injury and/or property damage. I am very aware that model aircraft operations present hazards, and there is an assumption of that risk. I EXEMPT AND HOLD HARMLESS CIRCLE CITY FLYERS, its OFFICERS, and MEMBERS from any and all liability including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, or death caused by me, or my guest's actions.


NOTE:You may submit an application before you receive your AMA card. Your AMA membership will be verified electronically, so please make sure your number is correct on the form. We will process your payment immediately, but your club membership card will not be issued until an active status is confirmed by the AMA. You can check your status on the AMA website.

Deleo Field

Click Here For -> Local weather conditions

The field is located in a small canyon and is basically surrounded by hills. The runway and covered areas are paved. The runway runs generally southeast to northwest, and is just a hair over 500 feet. The runway is 50 feet wide.Winds are usually non-existent during the morning hours; light enough to fly small foamies. Winds tend to gradually increase during the morning and enter the field from the northwest and northeast; that is, you're usually facing into the wind, and it is blowing slightly from the left or right. It wouldn't be a bad idea to practice a bit on a simulator if you're new to landing on a runway.Pilots are encouraged to fly in a clockwise pattern, and may be asked to avoid the motocross bikers that practice at the track just west of the field. The general pattern looks like this:

CCF Field fly pattern

Flyers are reminded that for safety, no maneuvers are to be performed closer than the centerline, marked in red here.


There is plenty of room to fly, although many have tested high-school physics by comparing the effects of fluid dynamics with rocky hillside dynamics. Google Earth (R) was used to calculate the below distances (all in feet), as measured from center runway..

CCF Distances