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Do you have an aircraft that is built such that the glow plug is hard to get to? Have you ever been cut by the spinning prop because you reached in to grab your glow driver? Is your engine mount inverted, causing concern at low idle? Do you deadstick when you come in to land because your carburetor is choked with fuel? I've solved all these problems: I am using, and highly suggest the RAM50 by RAM RC.

Go to the website or your local HobbyPeople! Get this for your plane! About $50.

This is an onboard glow driver that you can use to start your engine and supply power to the glow plug at low throttle settings.

Installation is simple, because it plugs into the throttle channel on your receiver (use a 'Y' connecter). It includes a 1300MAh battery so your receiver battery is not affected. The included LED light tells you when there is power to the glow plug, and the system is shut off when you turn the receiver off. There is only one connection to solder, the charging jack, and you can solder it to your normal receiver-battery charge-jack if you want to (I made a separate jack altogether). The only installation issue: if you own Futaba PCM or HiTec RCD receivers, you have to talk to Ralph about a signal booster. Call him (number below) and he'll ship that baby out to you straight away. I got mine in 2 days. It is a simple plug that you insert between the glow driver and the receiver, and it takes about 10 seconds to hook up. Issue solved!

There is a dial on the device that allows you dial in when you want the plug effective... in other words, you can control when the glow plug ignites. I have mine set for about 20% throttle. When I move my throttle past 20%, the glow plug immediately shuts down, saving the plug from wear. Drop the stick below 20%... BAM! the glow plug is lit again.

I can start my SAITO 150 four-stroke without a hiccup. Low idles? You bet. I can start that baby and keep it running around 2800 RPM. I have used other systems! This is the superior system in my estimation. Other systems have you solder a half-dozen connections and has weird, bulky analog switches to install. Use the RAM50! You'll be glad that you did.

Weight: 3oz! You can't hardly beat that! For questions on products and info on specifics: Call Ralph at 847-740-8726