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Dawn Patrol Breakfast is in:

June 18th

Latest Events

18 Apr 2019
07:00PM -
Club Meeting
16 May 2019
07:00PM -
Club Meeting

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What is your favorite type of aircraft to fly

We have the means on our website to place for sale adsby membership. Go to ads”, click to open, you will see all the categories of items to sell with pictures. Select the category and then follow the prompts and fill out all the info to include pictures from your browser regarding the item or items you want to sell, select publish and you are done! I look forward to seeing your ads." 

To access the club events there are a few ways. First off, right on the home page on the right hand side of the screen above the CCF logo you will see the “Latest Events”. The latest events section, as the name would indicate, shows a couple of the events that are coming up, for instance as I am typing this the first event is the club meeting on February 18th. You can click on the club meeting and it will take you to a detailed page about that event. From there you can click on: By Year, By Month, By Week, Today and Jump to month to navigate your way around the calendar of events. You can also click on the magnifying glass to the right and search for events. Alternatively, you can mouse over on “Resources” at the top of any page, then mouse over “Events”, then “Event Calendar”, this will take you to the event calendar that you can navigate through the same way discussed previously.

The event calendar is only as good as what is in it. So if you know of events that need to find their way to the calendar, let us know so we can get them posted.


With Pat Schreffler CCF Master Builder


The Circle City Flyers of Corona are happy to have as a member: a meticulous builder, an outstanding flyer and moreover, a great person, Pat Schreffler.  Let’s take a look at how he got started and what led him to the master model builder that he is...

Pat began his interest in model airplanes at twelve years old while living in Corona. He has lived in the Southern California town all his life. He partnered with his neighbor, Bob, who took him under his wing. Bob showed him the basics of modeling and encouraged him to learn as much as he could. His dad also supported his interest by setting up a work space in the attic, all his own. It was not long before he completed his initial build.

Pat has always liked working with wood, which opened the door for his passion for wood balsa airplane kits. His first project was a Jenson Das Ugly Stick kit. He flew it at the old Rimpau field in, of course, Corona. The plane flew fine but Pat knew he could do better. He learned to take the time to read the instructions completely and gain a thorough understanding of what was required to be done. He followed up by a complete examination of the parts and the wood for quality and accuracy. 

Circle City Flyers is a group of people who love RC flying.
Normal folks, who find the utmost joy in creating and flying wonderful machines that inspire awe and put just a bit of color in the sky.

CCF is a non-profit, AMA affiliated flying club.

The CCF has one of the best flying facilities in Southern California. We are located just south of Corona, California, just a few minutes from the 15 Freeway.

The club is well established and member's interests range from helicopters to 3D Planes. We fly gas, turbines, electric, glow, scale, profiles and combat wings. We have RC pilots who have flown for 40+ years, and beginners who are just learning the joys of flight. Got a question? Just learning? Curious? Come on down!

You can find folks flying most days, with the weekend mornings being very popular. Mornings are calm with winds generally increasing throughout the day.

Come to our field, and check us out!

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