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Dawn Patrol Breakfast is in:

June 18th

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21 Dec 2017
07:00PM - 12:00AM
Club Meeting
21 Dec 2017
07:00PM - 12:00AM
Club Meeting

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Map of the field

We Need some help with the upcoming Scale Fly in on August 18th. Below are a few things that we need help with and would love the membership to sign up. Click the help wanted sign below to pick how you can help!


. NEED 6-8 Volunteers the day before event to put up field decorations, tables, EZ-up, trash cans, parking and road signs and set-up speaker system.

. Temporary yellow tape used to reserve Carl’s Jr set-up area.

. Kory is spending the night at field.


. NEED 8-10 volunteers on the day of event to take down and put away all club decorations, tables and chairs, empty trash cans and put away all club belongings to include all signs. Pick-up any trash.


. NEED 2 parking guides from 8am to 9am to guide attendees to proper parking areas.


. NEED 2 people for sign up of pilots. One issues numbered tag for plane to be judged and collects landing fee, the other handles sign up of pilots. 


. NEED 2 people for raffle ticket sales and collection of money. 


Help Wanted Sign 1024x1024

Join us for our scale fly-in event August 18th at our Deleo field


Event Starts at 8am

Food by Carls Jr, $5 a plate

Click to download the flyer!



Please click the link below to get the information to cast your vote for the survey of how to upgrade the field, and potential runway repairs!

Link to the Field upgraded Options

The Circle City Flyers has decided to test having a forums section for club members to communicate online together. Forums can be a great source of information and comradery, but they can also be a source of pain for a club. Please keep your posts appropriate and pleasant. Any posts deemed inappropriate, or not in keeping the best image of Circle City Flyers will be removed and your ability to post in the forums will be suspended. This is a place to share and communicate with your friends, not a place to insult or grind axes.  If you agree to the terms of the CCF forums, please click below to enter. Thank you for understanding.


Click for the forum tutorials!

Forum Tutorial 1

Forum Tutorial 2








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