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saturn V

God has truly blessed my life! He has given me two occupations that I really
enjoyed. For the first 31 years of my work life I was an electrical design engineer in the
aerospace industry. The last 28 year I have been on staff at my church ministering to
seniors (old people like me!). During my aerospace days the most important project I
worked on was the Saturn 5 moon rocket that put men on the moon. The following is a
little write up of my part of the project.


With Pat Schreffler CCF Master Builder


The Circle City Flyers of Corona are happy to have as a member: a meticulous builder, an outstanding flyer and moreover, a great person, Pat Schreffler.  Let’s take a look at how he got started and what led him to the master model builder that he is...

Pat began his interest in model airplanes at twelve years old while living in Corona. He has lived in the Southern California town all his life. He partnered with his neighbor, Bob, who took him under his wing. Bob showed him the basics of modeling and encouraged him to learn as much as he could. His dad also supported his interest by setting up a work space in the attic, all his own. It was not long before he completed his initial build.

Pat has always liked working with wood, which opened the door for his passion for wood balsa airplane kits. His first project was a Jenson Das Ugly Stick kit. He flew it at the old Rimpau field in, of course, Corona. The plane flew fine but Pat knew he could do better. He learned to take the time to read the instructions completely and gain a thorough understanding of what was required to be done. He followed up by a complete examination of the parts and the wood for quality and accuracy. 

Daniel Sitter also has a collection vintage glo motors (over 1100) and has won an award for his collection. If you wish to go see it, please contact him via email to make arrangements

Scale Modeling
By: Carl Lindou


  1. Hi I’m Carl and I was asked to write about Scale Modeling. I’ve been modeling for 54 years. I’ve flown and competed in almost every discipline in modeling. I enjoy challenging myself. I was always timid about getting into Scale. Why? it seemed like it was beyond my abilities, and when I first started there were only two classes, fun, and museum scale. Just the name museum scale scared me. When hobby shack and the Riverside Club had their 4-cycle scale contest, I was working for them as an Assistant Manager. I bought a 40 size Pilot Scale Tiger Moth Biplane and a Saito .40 four cycle. I had no idea what I was doing, and I finished the contest in almost last place. I still had my plane and I had learned a lot. I then read and magazine article by Dave Platt,

We've updated the website

A couple of updates have hit the website and we wanted to take the time to tell you about them.


  • Due to popular request the top blue navigation bar no longer scrolls down the page as you do. As you scroll down now your screen will not be encumbered with the navigation bar, you will need to scroll back up to the top of the page to use the navigation bar.
  • Event count down
  • New photo gallery! We have struggled with the old photo gallery and have upgraded it to a new platform. This new platform allows you to:
  •     Comment on the photo's
  •     Share photo's to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  •     Download photos that you like
  •     Rate photos that you like
  •     A slide show of the latest photos is on the main page.
  • New updated weather station. The new weather station gives a little more info and a 4 day forecast.
  • A new survey. Surveys are informal and will be put up periodically to see what the plans of the club members are. This is separate from club voting which is done in a more secure method to ensure your vote is counted.


The club President and I with the support of the board are working very hard to make sure that you get all of the latest information as soon as it is available. The best and most efficient way to do this is to check the website often as updates happen frequently. This is your site, and if you have any suggestions, or difficulties using it please drop me a note.